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Summer Day Camp 2019

July 22-25, 5:30- 8:00 pm
Join us for the closing performance, July 25 at 7:15 pm.

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Were You There

My most memorable Good Friday occurred early in ministry. I served as pastor of Henrietta First Baptist Church from 1997-2001. So, this Good Friday service occurred sometime during those years. I decided to schedule the Good Friday experience at 9am, the time that...

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Through the Years

This year, from the pulpit, I have shared insights that I have gleaned through the years of my Christian journey which have nourished and sustained me. I offer this material with the hope that there will be something that will be helpful to you as you seek to live the...

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Like a River

I was asked recently, “Trey do you have a peace about becoming full time at the church?” I quickly responded, “Like a river!” And, it is so. I have a strong sense that we have made, not only the right decision, but a wise decision. My only concern about this...

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