On Friday, August 19, I embarked on a new educational journey as I attended orientation for the Doctor of Ministry degree program at the McAfee School of Theology of Mercer University.  For several years I’ve contemplated the possibility of pursuing such a degree but had never taken that leap of faith. But now, thanks to the Oscar Creech Scholarship, the support of Daniel and our deacons, and the encouragement of my family, that dream is becoming a reality.

McAfee’s Doctor of Ministry degree program is designed with eight options of specialization:  (1) Christian Spirituality, (2) Justice & Peacemaking, (3) Leadership & Ministry, (4) Mission & Community Development, (5) Pastoral Care/Chaplaincy, (6) Preaching, (7) Scripture and the Life of the Church, (8) Theology/Christian Worship.  I have decided to specialize in Leadership & Ministry, focusing on worship and how it forms us spiritually.

The McAfee School of Theology is located on the Atlanta, GA campus of Mercer University.  My studies will require periodic visits to the campus, most likely occurring one week each Fall and Spring semester, and two separate weeks during the summer.

On a humorous note, the last time I was in school was twenty-one years ago when the internet was at the beginning stages of being used nationwide. We didn’t use the internet at all when I pursued the Master of Divinity degree at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond.  So it will be very interesting to see how different it is to be a student in the age of technology!   I would appreciate your prayers and encouragement as I make this journey.