Two events recently have renewed my faith in the resilient spirit of our church. No, I’m not talking about how the first floor of the church house flooded twice in three weeks—that’s an unfortunate fact of life living in a flood-prone area, not to mention having the first floor of the church built half-way underground. We cannot change that. But my gratitude is certainly related to this.

My spirit has been buoyed when, in the midst of torrential rains, a great number of young church members (mostly around 30 years of age), and certainly some “seasoned” folks too, have given of their time to come to church and help preserve and protect a church house they love and treasure.

It has become a common refrain nowadays (I don’t hear it much here, thankfully): “young people don’t care about church like the older folks do.” If you’ve ever had that thought, let me lovingly disavow you of that notion. If you happened to walk down West Street during one of these clean-up sessions, they would have seen inside a bunch of young, kind, laughing, and loving people who take seriously God’s call to be good stewards of our church house.

clair-waterAmong the memories my mind won’t soon forget is the mental picture I have of parents removing water with Shop-Vacs while their children played tag in the dry areas. I even saw one young mother suctioning water from the hallway while she had her young child strapped to her chest. My eyes are teary just thinking about it.

So what’s my point? What does this matter in the grand scheme of things? The work we do for Christ, whether small or large, is never insignificant. The “mustard seed” work we do for Christ always makes a difference. Moving furniture and mopping floors in the children’s wing may seem like nothing, but (pardon my grammar) it’s most certainly not nothing.

The next time you see one of our young families here at church, please encourage them. Tell them you love them and are grateful for what they do for the Kingdom among us. This isn’t an easy time to raise families in the church, with so many different things competing for our time, talent, and treasure. They need our prayers, our support, and our words of encouragement.

I’m grateful for the young families of our church, and I know you are too.