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Elizabeth Villegas

It is my great pleasure to announce that First Baptist Ahoskie has a new youth and children’s minister. Elizabeth Miller-Villegas will assume her responsibilities on January 2, 2018. Elizabeth is an extremely gifted and qualified minister of the good news of Jesus the... read more

God and Tabby

The issue of theodicy is a major difficulty for the Christian tradition. Theodicy asks the question: If God is just why does evil exist; if God is good why do bad things happen to innocent people? For example, why does a good God allow innocent people to suffer and... read more

A Thick Accent?

I was struck, during my recent month-long stay in St. Paul, Minnesota, by how many people commented on my, apparently thick, southern accent. One lady even tried to imitate my accent. I found her imitation less than flattering!

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Spiritual Ancestry

Perhaps some of you, like me, have been intrigued by the ads from various companies offering to test our DNA so that we can learn about our ethnic heritage. I confess that I was intrigued enough to order a test! As I awaited the results, I began to wonder what they... read more