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How Do You Know?

I suspect most (all) people of Christian faith, who have more than their basic needs of nutrition, housing, and clothing met, ask this question at some time in their lives. Am I greedy? How do I know when I cross the line and enter greedy territory? How do I know how...

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I am NOT Preaching to You

I became the pastor of Henrietta First Baptist Church in March of 1997. I was 25 years old. I do not recall the exact moment it happened. However, I suspect that sometime within the first two years of my service as pastor to this congregation, I learned an important...

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Snap, Snap, “Over Here!”

Sometime ago I participated in a North Carolina Cooperative Baptist Fellowship zoom meeting. The leader of the meeting asked us to describe, with one word, our Covid-19 experience as it relates to the church. As you have heard me say before, I chose the word,...

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Read This Please!

The threat and realities of the coronavirus have turned the world upside down. And the church is not an exception. Therefore, allow me to address three questions you may have about the life of First Baptist Ahoskie as we live each day in our new realities. Worship...

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The Pope is Coming!

Well, not exactly! However, I am pleased to announce that Paul Baxley will be with us February 2, 2020. Paul is the new Executive Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. He will be our guest preacher on Sunday, February 2. He will also lead a discussion...

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Worship With Us

Our worship (Sundays at 11am) is shaped by the liturgical calendar year and is traditional in nature. We enjoy creative and integrated worship experiences through the use of hymns, responsive readings and prayers, scripture readings from the Revised Common Lectionary, musical meditations by our various choirs and instrumentalists, testimonies of faith, and preaching from God's word.